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Efficient and secure hosting for your business applications

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Solution Features

  ACCESS your applications

Access your business applications as if you were doing so on-premise. No other prerequisite needed, only an internet connection.

Whether you are on the road, in the office or working from home, connect securely to your application environments. Your applications become accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any type of terminal (PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, thin clients, etc.).

  SECURE your applications

With SyselApps, outsource the service and guarantee an optimal level of security at the connection and during the operation of your business applications. Our infrastructures are fully redundant and meet the latest standards in terms of IT security.

In addition to virtual security, the guarantee of a continuous access is a primordial subject. The quality of our infrastructure allows you to expect unlimited potential from your applications. As an option, you can also set up a continuity plan for your applications in the event of a major disaster with SyselContinuity.

  SIMPLIFY your updates

Your software will need constant update, whether for applications or systems. Your platforms hosted on SyselApps are continuously maintained and updated according to a detailed schedule validated in advance.

Exclusively with SyselApps, this method offers you 3 months of hosting per year on platforms dedicated to the development of your applications. With this approach, you can easily upgrade your applications without impacting your production environments.

INCREASE your number of users

SyselApps managed platforms allow you to easily and efficiently scale the number of users on your application platforms.

With the “as many resources as needed” guarantee, you can add new users to your application environments in minutes without affecting the performance of your applications. No hidden costs and a real performance guarantee.

  OPTIMISE your infrastructure

Using local infrastructures, it is difficult to have the same degree of redundancy and intrinsic performance overall; businesses are often hampered by the economic realities of acquiring such infrastructures.

With hosting, you have access to state-of-the-art infrastructures at a flat rate, and you benefit from the continuous evolution of our infrastructures without changing your monthly fee. When your infrastructures are on-premise, you must invest heavily to gain in performance; this continuous evolution of performance is made available directly to our hosted clients.

  FLEXIBILITY of your environments

The evolution of your applications logically follows the growth of your company. With SyselApps, you benefit from a very flexible and scalable model, billed per user. You no longer need to worry about setting up and planning the necessary resources; you have a global guarantee that as many resources as necessary will be made available.

Simply inform us of the number of additional users and we will adjust the current contract as well as all the infrastructure and resources necessary for the optimal operation of your business applications.




All of our platforms are validated directly with each of the application publishers to confirm that they meet the requirements of the applications we host.


Our technical and commercial teams are at your disposal to accompany you and discuss with you any optimizations you may wish to make to your application platforms.



The consumption of resources by applications is a challenge that requires continuous management. In order to avoid per-resource billing, SyselApps offers a flat rate model per user, with as many resources as needed.


Your application platforms are automatically deployed on the latest SyselCloud infrastructure.



Your application platform infrastructures are fully managed by us. We work closely with the editors and your integrator partners to provide them with access to your infrastructures, when necessary and validated by you.


We regularly discuss with our customers and offer them alternatives to the optimization of services.

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