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Your business continuity plan in case of major disasters

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Solution Features


Choose the frequency of your replications (RPO) with a simple synchronization agent installed on the virtual servers. The RPO setting can be different depending on how critical each workload / service is in your continuity plan.

Only the modified data blocks will be replicated to optimize the use of your internet connection bandwidth.

SECURE your business

Easily modify and add at any time new applications and servers to your recovery plan. Your continuity plan evolves according to the integration of new business applications needed for your operations.

Replicate all your services to a secondary site located exclusively in Switzerland.

LEADING-EDGE technology

Based on Veeam Backup and Replication, Veeam Cloud Connect, Azure Stack, and NetApp technologies, we offer a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that scales to meet all your needs.

We can protect your data that is currently in production on Public Clouds, Private Clouds, or physical servers located on your premises.

24H - Recovery Time Objective

We know that time is critical in case of a disaster and without any IT tools. That is why we certify a recovery within 24 hours or the next business day (RTO, Recovery Time Objective).

All infrastructures are tested regularly to ensure the functioning and efficiency of the deployment of your continuity plan.

DEFINE your recovery plan

Whether your business applications come from the Public or Private Cloud, choose the ones that are most important to your business and integrate them into your plan.

Do not passively endure unwanted events anymore with your pre-established order of activities and operations. Restart your business with ease.

TEST your plan

Once a year, we simulate a disaster and start your recovery plan. You actively participate in the testing by logging into the backup environment to validate that the system is functioning properly.

These tests are essential to make sure that the continuous evolution of your IT systems is fully replicated and functional.

Restart quickly in the event of a major disaster



Protect only what is necessary and vital to your business.


No need to invest in hardware or rent a secondary datacenter.



Do not waste time thanks to a single, easily implemented replication tool.


A clear procedure is established and regularly reviewed to apply the plan without complexity on the day.



Benefit from the flexibility of our infrastructures and add servers or applications when you need them.


Whatever the applications and infrastructure you need to protect, we can adapt to your environment.

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