Highly secured datacenters

Safety Excellence

Our infrastructures, property of Syselcom Mutuelle Informatique SA, are exclusively installed in Switzerland. This geographic proximity to Syselcom’s headquarters grants us a great degree of agility and responsiveness in managing contracted services.

SyselCloud is a leading operator of Private Clouds in Switzerland, especially in terms of capacity:

Guaranteed Security and Performance

The operators of these centers ensure “Facilities” services, meaning services tied to the environment, supply, and connectivity with the external world, which is necessary for operating our physical infrastructures. The level of service offered by these data centers is qualified according to Tiers numbered from 1 to 4. The level of our infrastructure centers meets is the top level in Switzerland, the Tier 4 Design, guaranteeing service availability at 99.95%.

The Tier 1Data Centers, as well as Tier 2, have many unique points of failure, commonly called Single Point of Failure (SPOF). The infrastructure must be completely halted for preventive or annual maintenance work. These two Tier levels are often equivalent, in terms of security, to what companies can manage internally.

On the other hand, Tier 4 Data Centers have all the necessary redundant elements. This allows to maintain the Data Center up and running, without ever having to be stopped for repairs, annual maintenance, or for the replacement of an active element. All SyselCloud’s services are managed in an environment that meets at least the Tier 3+ designation, where the full set of elements are redundant (Internet connection, electric supply, air conditioning, etc.)

Niveau de sÉcuritÉ des datacenters

Uptime Institute, a consortium of companies created in 1993, defined the concept of Tiers for DataCenters. This classification includes levels Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, and Tier IV. In order to acclaim any Tier level, a DataCenter must be certified by the Uptime Institute. But, what are the theoretical level of availability, as well as the characteristics, of each tier.

Composed of several electrical circuits for energy and distribution of cooling, but only one circuit is active, with entirely redundant components, which are active and support tolerance for power failures and natural incidents. The Tier 4 offers a level of availability of 99.99%.

Composed of several electrical circuits for energy and distribution of cooling, but only one circuit is active, with redundant components. The Tier 3 offers a level of availability of 99.95%. Maintenance can be carried out without stopping the system, but certain mistakes, power failures, or incidents may require downtime.

Composed of several electrical circuits for energy and distribution of cooling, but only one circuit is active, with redundant components. The Tier 2 offers a level of availability of 98.5%. Certaines maintenances et pannes peuvent générer des arrêts.

Composed of a single electrical circuit for energy and distribution of cooling, without redundant components. The Tier 1 offers a level of availability of 97.5% and requires the system to be stopped for maintenance. Power failures also bring the site to a halt.

Characteristics of Syselcloud's datacenters

Norms and security

"24x7x365 video-surveillance. Total security and traceability"

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification applicable to data centers

Complete redundancy (2N+1) of all equipment

Physical access controls via microchip, or personal and biometric code.

Totally air conditioned environment according to current norms.

Latest-generation fire detection and extinguishing system.

Physical surveillance (Securitas) on site

Electric Supply

“Uninterrupted and completely redundant electrical and air conditioning systems”

Direct supply via industrial service with a guarantee of power availability

Uninterrupted generator and power supply system in case of failure of the single supplier

Confined cold aisles (efficient and ecological cooling)

Two internal supply channels, with the support of high-powered diesel generators

Internet Connection

“One of the most reliable Internet connections”

4 interconnection rooms for parcel operators

4 separate entrances into the building

2 telecommunication rooms in the building, each supplied by two entrances and two separate interior distributors.

Direct Internet connection services with private links

Rapid but secured and high-performing services ensuring high-performing connectivity.