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Solution Features

FLEXIBILITYof your infrastructure

Forecasting growth and the evolution of a company's needs is often a sensitive, if not impossible, task. It is thus complicated to estimate it effectively over several years. Free yourself from having to purchase your IT infrastructure.

Pay only for what you actually use.

With SyselDesk, benefit from a flat-rate model per user, adaptable and guaranteeing as many resources as necessary for an optimal operation.

  CONNECT, without limits

With SyselDesk, your workstation follows you anywhere allowing you to connect to it at any time. The only thing needed is an internet connection to your entire office environment.

You do not have to rely on specific terminals anymore, you can connect to the same virtual desktops from several types of devices : PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, thin clients... Grow your IT infrastructure without limits, and migrations will be all the easier.

  CONTROL your costs

SyselDesk is a flat rate model, per user. No hidden costs, no additional costs and a contractual guarantee of optimal operation with as many resources as necessary.

With this pricing model, you benefit from a flexible, scalable model that grows with your business. Do you have new employees joining your company ? The costs are known in advance and allow you to truly control your IT budgets.

WORK securely

In virtual office mode, all your office activities are carried out on remote servers. You no longer work locally on workstations that can be hacked or stolen – no more problems with local data that is no longer backed up.

Your users’ RDP connection is done through a gateway that secures all access to your environments. All your data exchanges, uploads and shares are encrypted during transfer to meet the strictest security standards.

LIMIT your internal needs

Your internal teams can concentrate on your company's core business and on supporting your users. We take care of the maintenance operations and the optimal functioning of your IT infrastructures.

Your need for ongoing training of your technicians is reduced, investments and fixed costs for IT equipment are refocused solely on network equipment and user peripherals.

  FAST deployment

In a matter of days, all your environments are up and running. There are no infrastructure costs or delays in the delivery of your equipment.

You can add new users in a matter of minutes. New shortcuts and logins are created and provide quick access to your infrastructure. Updates and maintenance are also centralized and save considerable time.




No more surprises in your budgets : your operational costs per user are known in advance, including all Microsoft licenses. Adding new users to your environments becomes a simple formality.


Pay only for what you actually use, based simply on your active users and your infrastructure.



Benefit from a contractual and performance guarantee for your office infrastructures. Included in your subscription, SyselDesk provides as many resources as you need to keep your virtual desktops running smoothly, without affecting your user packages.


This approach gives unlimited flexibility and scalability for your users, while guaranteeing access performance for your employees.



Centralize and secure access to your environments and company data. Has a workstation been stolen, or has an access been compromised ? In a few clicks, change the connection information and control possible security breaches.


Optionally, increase your security criteria with the implementation of a Double Authentication process via Token.

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