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Solution Features

Flat icon shareSHARE your data with no limits

Our platform's sharing links allow you to send large attachments by e-mail in a few clicks.

No more size constraints when sending your documents. Simply share your file link and the receiver can open it to allow the file to be downloaded. Moreover, an Outlook plugin is available for even faster sharing.

SECURE access to your data

The platform is protected with a secured transfer protocol. Moreover, a double strong authentication feature is available to secure your users' access.

It is also possible to manage access through your corporate directory.

When transferring and sharing your data, automatic encryption is applied during exchanges.

RESTORE your documents

Each user has its own recycle bin on the platform; you can use it to restore files and folders that have been deleted by mistake in just a few clicks. No need to use the platform's backups, restore items directly from the recycle bin.

Older versions of each document can also be easily restored thanks to the version management integrated into your platform.

VALIDATE your documents

In addition to storing and sharing data, SyselShare also allows you to have one or more documents validated by internal or external collaborators.

You can also decide on the order of validation for each of the parties who are required to approve the transmitted documents.

Exchange flat icon EXCHANGE your files easily

The creation of an upload link allows you to provide a space in which selected people can come and upload data.

To do this, you generate a link to send to your internal or external correspondent, which will allow them to come and upload all the data directly in the space you have created for them.

ACCESS your data quickly

The implementation of the platform is quick and easy. Create your platform and start sharing folders and files in just a few clicks. The environment is fully managed by an administrator within your company.

Whether it is through the solution's online version, the network drive or the NetSync offline synchronization application, simply access the data you are authorized to.

WORK even offline

Whether you are roaming or offline, work efficiently by synchronizing your documents locally. With NetSync, you can synchronize locally the selected data and work on these documents.

As soon as you regain internet connexion, the documents on your platform will be updated and all other collaborators will receive the changes made.

ELECTRONIC signature

Your platform now offers you the possibility to have your documents signed electronically.

With the electronic signature, sign your documents from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and without any location constraints. In addition, you can easily monitor the status of your document signatures directly from the platform.




From now on, send your documents for validation and signature to your contacts, internal or external to your company, and define the order in which they must give their approval.


Optimize the management of your various projects. Get multiple documents approved at once and track their status in your dashboard.



Validate your documents from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and without geographical constraints. Whether you are working from home or on the road, you can give your approval securely.


Depending on your legal needs, choose either a digitized handwritten signature or an eIDAS electronic signature to give or request approval.



At any time, follow the progress of the validation and signature process of your documents. Receive notifications following the downloads, modification and addition of comments to your files.


Consult your "my workflows" table to monitor your documents in process of validation more efficiently. In addition to the color code, it also allows you to display the people who need to interact with the validation workflow.

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