The IT needs of companies are evolving very quickly, so the demands on resources are increasing. Choosing a high-performance and scalable server is crucial to keep up with this trend.



To support the operation of your virtual environments, your website, your messaging solution, your business application or others, servers must be able to adapt to a multitude of needs. It is therefore recommended to choose quality hardware to guarantee the accessibility and performance of your various services at all times. The choice of a server should not be made lightly, as this investment will allow the company to save money while improving its efficiency. The solution is the right server for the right business.



Today, the lifetime of a server is approximately 5 years. After this period, the manufacturer can no longer provide the various guarantees. This is why it is strongly advised to follow this rule and to plan a renewal during the last year of the server's life. Syselcom will assist you in this process and will advise you as best as possible in the choice of your infrastructure.


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