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Security is one of our main concerns in order to guarantee the integrity, availability and confidentiality of your data. We have therefore decided to protect our datacenters with FortiGate solutions.


We chose FortiGate firewalls because they are suitable for both SMEs and large companies. They provide simple, real-time network protection by constantly scanning traffic for threats and viruses.


FortiGate's Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides the ultimate in security and SD-WAN functionality in a single device. Its purpose-built security processors facilitate SSL inspection and enhance its ability to unlock encrypted sessions, examine encrypted packets, find threats and block them.


Its web filtering blocks access to malicious, hacked or inappropriate websites. It is the only VBWeb2-certified web filtering service on the market, providing a first line of defence against web-based attacks.

Cyber security involves more than just prevention. Real-time monitoring of activity is needed to help assess risk, detect potential problems and neutralise them. Using powerful algorithms, FortiGate firewalls are able to analyse traffic in real time and detect and block attacks.


In order to securely interconnect your business network with our datacenters and access your data safely, it is important to be able to configure an IPsec VPN. Equipped with encryption-optimised processors, FortiGates are able to support a large number of VPNs simultaneously without impacting performance.




From concurrent sessions

1 ms

Latency time


VPN tunnel connections

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