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Solution Features

SECURITY of your environnements

With SyselVPC, relocate your infrastructure and guarantee an optimal level of security. Our infrastructures are fully redundant and meet the latest standards in terms of security.

In addition, all your virtual machines can be restored thanks to the 5-day default retention period.

FAST deployment

Your environments are deployed quickly and up and running within hours. Simply connect to them and use the resources available.

Adding new resources is simple and only takes a few minutes. Updates and maintenance can also be centralized, saving you considerable time.

OPTIMIZE your budgets

Benefit from a flexible model that allows you to quickly and easily increase or adjust your resources, whenever you want :

  • SyselVPC Premium : take advantage of our latest generation infrastructures with the highest level of performance.
  • SyselVPC Standard : optimize your budgets with second generation infrastructures.

MOBILITY, without any limits

Depending on the rules you set on the virtually dedicated firewall, access and operate your SyselVPC services from anywhere. Log into the Azure Pack portal and manage your servers from a simple web console.

Access your infrastructure and business applications securely and efficiently, without any roaming limits.


With your Azure Pack web management console, you can connect and manage your virtual servers yourself. Restart your environments, create snapshots and restore them independently.

In addition to physical security, manage the security of your private network. Access to the firewall is given to you in order to create your own security rules.

FLEXIBILITY of your infrastructures

Forecasting growth and changing business needs are often tricky tasks, if not downright impossible to predict effectively over several years.

Free yourself from the acquisition of your IT infrastructures, and benefit from a flexible and unlimited evolution. Optimize your budgets and pay only for the Microsoft licenses and infrastructures you really use.


Choose the performance level that best suits your needs, applications or budgets and determine the most suitable configuration for your business between our SyselVPC Premium and Standard offers.

Use our latest generation servers for your most demanding workloads/applications or opt for our standard infrastructures to optimize your operational costs.

MANAGE your infrastructure

You want to take advantage of a SyselVPC environment but do not have the time to maintain, monitor or evolve your infrastructure ?

We offer an optional hosting solution that is fully managed by our team. Take advantage of the performance of our infrastructures and let us manage their maintenance : updates, security patches, reboot and log management, etc...

The performance of your own Private Cloud



Pay according to what you actually use and adapt your infrastructure accordingly.


Consume on-demand without any need to invest heavily in new infrastructures.



Easily manage your virtual servers autonomously, through a web interface or terminal server access.


Operate your infrastructures as if they were on-premise. With our Monitoring solution, keep a regular overview of your services, even remotely.




Choose and set up the optimal configuration of your services yourself by opting for either the Premium or Standard version of our infrastructures.




Immediately adapt your resources, at any time, according to the growth of your company.


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