Syselcom's team

A company is not the business of a single person.

It is above all a team made up of several talents that add up and complement each other with a common project and objectives: to undertake, innovate and satisfy our customers.

Together we move forward!


Marc Boudriot


After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC, France), Marc Boudriot developed 21 years of experience in businesses’ IT infrastructure. Cofounder of AMC Design SA and Advances Informatique SA, he joined the management of LANexpert SA (VeltiGroup) in 1999 where he acquired 10% of LANexpert SA capital before selling his shares in 2002. M. Boudriot founded Syselcom in 2003.

Jean-Michel Mélinand


Jean-Michel Mélinand has a bachelor’s degree in business management and an MBA in International Business (IAE of Lyon). He held the position of Head of Internal Operations within the Hyatt International group. In 2005, he joined the GM Europe group as Head of Internal Sales for the Chevrolet brand. He then joined Lebara Mobile in 2007 as Sales Manager for French-speaking Switzerland. Mr. Mélinand joined Syselcom in 2012 to lead the commercial development of SyselCloud’s products.


Vincent Emery

Head of Infrastructure

Vincent Emery joined the company in 2004 as an IT Consultant. He holds the Infrastructure Manager role with more than 15 years of experience. He manages the equipment and data centers as well as the maintenance and evolution of SyselCloud’s products. Mr. Emery leads the team of engineers to achieve its goals

Killian Occelli

PreSales Manager

A rejoint la société en 2013 en tant que Consultant IT. Suite à son évolution interne et l’expérience acquise, il a été durant 4 ans responsable du service HelpDesk. Depuis début 2020, Il fait désormais partie du département commercial et est devenu responsable de la partie PreSales de l’entreprise.

Dylan Ragni

Helpdesk Manager

A rejoint la société en 2017 en tant que stagiaire. Les connaissances acquises dans le domaine du support ainsi que l'expérience gagnée dans le management lui ont permis d'évoluer et d'atteindre le poste de Helpdesk manager.

Sylvie Clot

Accounting & HR

A rejoint la société en 2004 en tant qu’Assistante de direction. Sylvie Clot est responsable des services Comptabilité et Ressources Humaines.