New in 2021 at SyselCloud, the VMware infrastructure offers a solution adapted and certified to virtualized and dedicated SAP environments.

Thanks to its versatility, our two VMWare clusters based in Geneva and Lausanne, will allow you to migrate your VMWare virtual machines directly into our two datacenters.

Thanks to its simplified access and management through a web browser, you will be able to take full control of your virtual machines.


In order to meet the requirements for the « Cloud and Infrastructure Operations » certification required by SAP, we had to purchase a VMWare cluster. In addition, this new hypervisor also allows us to add to our product catalogue a new type of hosting and solution based on the delegation of access to third-party administrators.

VMware offers the ESXi hypervisor and their vSphere virtualisation tool. The VMware ESXi solution is a hypervisor that is installed directly on the physical server. VMware's virtualisation technologies then allow you to create and provision virtual machines on your different ESXi's. You can then easily administer and manage your virtual infrastructure from your vSphere. Accessible in HTML5, it is possible to connect and administer all virtual machine functionality from a simple web browser.


vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director allows you to create your own secured Private Cloud. It's a software solution that allows organizations to create dedicated environments in a virtual datacenter. By creating secured and cost-effective Private Clouds using VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director, internal IT departments can act as true service providers for their own businesses.

This solution represents a pragmatic transition to Cloud Computing, allowing customers to leverage existing investments and providing the flexibility to expand capabilities between Clouds.

Creation of virtual datacenters : Virtual datacenters are logical entities that have processing, storage and network capabilities that make completly transparent the link between the consumption of infrastructure services and the underlying resources.
Support for multi-user environments : Administrators can group users into departments that can be associated with any set of rules, for example a business unit, division or subsidiary. Each entity has isolated virtual resources, independent LDAP authentication, specific policy controls and proprietary catalogues. These features allow to create a multi-user space and secure infrastructure sharing.
vShield Security Technologies : Integrated Technologies vShield Edge technologies, such as perimeter protection, firewall protection, network address translation, and DHCP services, provide virtualization-centric security, simplify application deployment and enforce compliance standards. Upgrading to the full vShield Edge solution provides advanced services such as site-to-site VPN connectivity, network isolation and web load balancing.
Infrastructure Services Catalogue : Users can deploy and use pre-configured infrastructure and application services, such as virtual appliances, virtual machines, operating system images and other services, with a single click in the central catalogues. This allows IT teams to streamline offerings, simplify troubleshooting, patching and change management.
Self-service portal : Users have direct access to their catalogues and virtual datacentres via a user-friendly web portal.
vCloud API and Open Virtualization Format (OVF) : The vCloud API is an open REST based API that allows scripted access to Cloud resources (vApp upload/download, catalogue management and other operations). The vCloud API provides basic transfers between Clouds using the OVF format, which preserves application properties, network configuration and current settings.
Automation and Orchestration : Leveraging the joint use of APIs with the VMware vCenter™ Orchestrator plug-in and integration capabilities with other orchestration and service management softwares, administrators can automate routine tasks, create ITIL workflows and easily execute complex operations with ease using scripts.

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