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Solution Features

CONTROL your costs

Choose the retention you want and pay only for what you need. Is your data changing ? Do you need additional storage ? Easily add storage based on your data needs.

Scale your business in a flexible manner. There is no need to invest in storage infrastructure without knowing if you'll actually use it.


We provide a Veeam console that allows you to access all of your backups and initiate your own restore actions whenever you want.

You have the possibility to restore on your own a complete volume or a file directly on your production environment.


If you use Microsoft365 features, your data is automatically transmitted and stored in Microsoft's Public Cloud infrastructure, whose storage is not guaranteed to be in Switzerland.

With SyselBackup, we can certify a global backup policy for all your data. Benefit from a copy of your data in Switzerland, on a secure Private Cloud.

BACKUP of local computers

Thanks to a backup agent, you have the possibility to save part or all of a user workstation directly in our Cloud. An internet connection is enough for the data to be saved. Everything is encrypted by an HTTPS certificate.

Need to restore or install a computer directly from its last image ? An easy task thanks to SyselBackups.

GRANULARITY of restoration

Our SyselBackup solution is able to identify the roles installed on your environment and to propose a granular restoration of the various elements : an Exchange object (mail, attachment, contact, ...), Sharepoint, Active Directory or SQL database.

With our teams, optimize your configurations and options to obtain the best granularity and functionality for your backups.

BLOCK-BASED incrementation

During a backup, only the modified data is transferred. This greatly reduces the backup time and therefore optimizes the overall volume of your backups.

In addition to storage efficiency, all Full Backup jobs are automatically dissociated, thus increasing the security.

REDUNDANCY of your backups

Ensure that your backups are available even in the event of a major disaster in our datacenter by opting for the SyselBackup Plus option.

With this optional configuration, all of your backups will be automatically replicated and stored on a separate secondary site to ensure 100% access.

AGILITY of the solution

Our solution has a broad scope. Not only does it allow you to back up all of your services hosted in various Cloud environments, but also your local servers, your entire IT infrastructure or your data placed in solutions such as Microsoft 365.

With SyselBackup, define a customized backup policy, that meets all your legal and operational requirements.

Transform a problem into a solution



Log into the Veeam recovery console to quickly recover your data and download it to your production environment or even to another destination, with full autonomy.


If needed, our technical team is at your disposal to assist you in restoring your data within the hour.



Your full volume of backups is stored on disks in a dedicated environment, completely separate from other clients.


With SyselBackup Plus, make sure your backups are available and duplicated on our second datacenter for optimal security. Guarantee a fast and efficient recovery plan with SyselContinuity.



We adapt to your needs and growth. Backup volumes, frequency of backups, and data retention time can be adjusted at any time to keep up with the evolution of your business.


The SyselBackup solution is compatible with a large number of devices. Your physical or virtual servers, Public or Private Cloud, user stations, etc...

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