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MCR solutions SA is a company with business solutions facilitating the management of the daily activities of companies. It offers IT services and management software to SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland. Since 2006, the company offers application solutions to manage accounting, salaries, mandates, suppliers and debtors, HR as well as tailor-made solutions for specific needs.

Thanks to this solution, it is easy to obtain a real time vision of the financial situation, the follow-up of projects and mandates are facilitated, the commercial activities are followed. This organisation in separate applications relieves you of a lot of work and organisation. The easy interfaces of the software will save you time and money.



From your screen, you can consult any document without having to search for it in the archives. All the modules of MCR-suite offer the possibility to link any type of file (image, text, PDF etc...) to an object (invoice, mandate, statement...) thanks to a simple drag and drop. As a partner of M-File, a key player in GED, the management of all company documents has never been so easy.

The benefits :

    • Automatically classify your customers' emails
    • Avoid endless searches in your paper documents
    • Keep track of the different versions of your documents and their approval

This solution allows you to fully exploit the richness of your company's data. MCR-analytics, integrated with the Jedox business intelligence tool, will enable you to expand your business vision through an even more efficient and effective analysis of your company data. As a result, your company's decision making will be made easier.

The benefits :

    • Dashboards, graphs and simulations
    • Ideal tool for budgeting
    • Spreadsheet-like environment allows users to be up and running quickly

MCR-suite offers you to organise your workshops by giving you the right tools to manage your team's activities. Thanks to the software, the follow-up of the tasks to be done and the assignment of work to the different collaborators are easy.

The benefits :

    • Complete follow-up of the installed bases for an efficient after-sales service
    • Precise overview of the various stocks
    • Plannable workload

The features :

    • Start and stop jobs on touch screen
    • De-stocking of material for each step
    • Printing of job cards
    • Monitoring of guarantees
    • Maintenance invoicing

MCR offers you an easy to use and powerful software for the management of your business contacts. Sales people manage prospects and contact them again, administration takes care of invoices, employees take care of projects.

The benefits :

    • Increased teamwork
    • Assignment and follow-up of business activities
    • Full integration with other modules


Manage your operations easily

Tracking cases becomes easily manageable, hours and fees for each mandate are noted.

The benefits :

  • Tracking of work in progress and budgets
  • Tracking of productivity, planning of hours
  • Simple and quick invoicing of services
  • Compliance with labour laws
  • Keep control of working hours and absences

It is also possible for you to effectively track the time spent on the phone with your customers. Assign calls to a case or a client. You will then have a global view of the time spent on the phone for each client, mandate, supplier...

The benefits :

  • Allocation of calls to an object (clients, mandates...)
  • Invoicing with detailed list of calls
  • Traceability of calls and recording of duration
  • Global visibility of incoming and outgoing calls
Get full visibility of your company's financial situation

All modules of MCR-suite are interconnected, allowing you to have an accurate real-time view of your company's financial situation.

The benefits :

  • Quick and easy entry of accounting entries
  • Easy navigation between fiscal years
  • Fully customisable charts of accounts
  • Easy budget management
Help for business activities

No more time wasted on invoicing and sending offers. You have a complete follow-up of your customers, stocks, suppliers and you can personalize all invoices. Reminders can be integrated and sales can be tracked with a serial number.

The benefits :

  • Benefit from a program that adapts to your business processes
  • Customise all your documents
  • Make payments easily with ISO 20022
Save time when making your payslips

You can manage your payroll easily with MCR-suite and the latest Swissdec standards. Transmit your data without security concerns.

The benefits :

  • Compliance with Swiss standards
  • Adaptation to the specific needs of the company
  • Set up your payroll in a simple and intuitive way
  • Benefit from a program adapted to your company's structure
  • Save time when creating and distributing your salary certificates