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Founded in 1985, Abacus is the most successful independent Swiss provider of business management software for the SME sector. It is fully committed to digitisation, including the integration of real-time mobile data access. It currently has 60,000 satisfied companies, 558 employees and 1,200 Abacus specialists in its partner network. More than 110,000 software modules have been sold to over 50,000 customers.


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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING : software for finance, accounts receivable and payable, cost accounting and e-banking
  • Financial accounting : the solution allows you to control finances, debtors and creditors through budgeting, financing tables, automated payment processing, reminder management and liquidity.
  • Fixed asset accounting : the software offers a precise view of the development of your fixed assets by presenting data such as depreciation, interest calculations and hidden reserves.
  • Electronic banking : Abacus E-banking makes it easier to carry out secure transactions and optimise payments. The main functions are collections (direct debit, ISR processing and creditor payments), payments and account management.
STAFF MANAGEMENT : the complete and efficient HR solution
  • Human Resources : the flexibility and versatility of the software allows the digitisation of all HR processes such as applicant management, schedule monitoring, expense management, evaluation and personnel skills management. The aim is to relieve the department and centralise information. 
  • Salary accounting : for more than 35 years, Abacus salary management software has been the number one solution in Switzerland. The solution allows you to have a centralised personnel database, to process salaries, to make all types of extracts or even controlling and budgeting. 
  • Time management : the solution can be used on a smartphone, in the office with the time stamp, with a beacon or via the employee portal in the browser. The main strengths are planning, input, calculation, extracts and processing. 
  • Expense report management : the input, validation and processing of expense reports is facilitated by the automatic reconciliation of expenses with credit card transactions, the recognition of VAT rates and the correct distribution of amounts. 
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ABACUS ADMINISTRATION : several modules available to improve the administrative management of your company
  • Order management : the software for order & stock management allows you to manage the base, sales, stocks and also to do controlling.
  • Project management : the software for the planning of assets, projects and employees including overtime, breaks, surcharges and invoicing of services and materials. 
  • Vehicle fleet management : the software for the purchase and operation of your vehicles, easily integrated into your ERP system. It allows you to have a real-time view of the vehicle fleet, to plan investments and to estimate unusual repair costs. 
  • CRM : the integrated management solution for centralising your customer information. The main functions are lead, campaign and activity tracking, relationship and sales opportunity management and information cockpit management. 
  • Archiving and digitisation : the software enables digital archiving of documents thanks to a document indexing system. It becomes easy to find documents with a simple keyword. 
  • E-Business / E-Commerce : the software for the electronic and automatic exchange of documents with your partners. 
ABACUS PRODUCTION AND SERVICES : modules that facilitate planning and implementation
  • Production management : the Abacus production management program (CAM) facilitates the readjustment of production orders, BOM positions and additional operations.
  • After-sales service : the Abacus service program enables service orders, mobile data entry, contracts and service objects.
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