Sage, founded in 1981 in Newcastle, UK, is the world's 3rd largest ERP supplier and the largest supplier to small and medium-sized businesses.


Sage's solutions unify, digitise and streamline your accounting, billing, budgeting and payroll processes.


With Sage's solutions, your SME will be able to use data to create analyses for all the players in the company as well as your accountants, trustees, etc.


Sage Start
Sage Start

With Sage Start, you have full control over invoices, orders, accounting and payroll with a single accounting package. Thanks to the cloud, you have access to your data at all times.
Sage 50
Sage 50

Depending on the size and needs of your SME, you benefit from a single software package for your financial accounting and payroll, for creditor and debtor management, and for order processing and stock management. Ideal for small and medium-sized companies !
Sage 200
Sage 200

Budgeting, cash flow statement and cost accounting, consolidation or analyses : this financial software is designed to meet the extensive requirements of medium-sized companies and offers comprehensive controlling functionality, locally or in the cloud.
Installing the first ERP system

The mistake that many companies make when integrating an ERP system into their business is that they do not take into account the integration time, the training of employees or the maintenance required.

To overcome this problem, the study of the user experience has been taken to the extreme. Indeed, the ergonomics proposed by Sage solutions are intuitive and visual and allow users to learn quickly. This makes it easier for users to work optimally. The improvement of tasks also includes easy control over the company's processes. All in all, using Sage solutions saves time and money.

Target audience

In addition to being quick to install and set up, Sage ERP solutions are compatible with many operating systems, whether Microsoft, Unix or Linux. It is also possible to switch easily from one to the other very easily !


If a user is not in front of the computer where the Sage application is installed, they can access it via a web browser from anywhere. There are even features available via the mobile application !


Sage solutions can integrate Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases (two of the three most used databases in the world). Sage is so convinced that its solution will enable your company to gain in efficiency that it has thought of being able to adapt to the growing number of your employees : Sage thus corresponds to all sizes of company !

ERP Enterprise resources planning system software business technology

The dashboard (the page of the application that you can use to get an overview) is fully customisable through a drag and drop system that can be used by any type of user. The dashboard is so customisable that users can put in both internal and external data.

The information provided by the system is fully customisable through a fully accessible query system.